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Cardiovascular protection

Chromium +

This dietary supplement is for people wishing to maintain normal blood sugar levels.

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Chromium + Netlab essentiels
Circulation 60 capsules

Circulation 60 capsules proposes a synergistic blend of plant extracts known to activate the venus circulation.

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Circulation 60 capsules
Microsterol 60 capsules

Microsterol lowers your bad cholesterol and raises your good cholesterol levels at the same time, with a beneficial effect on your overall cholesterol

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Microstérol 60 capsules : a selection of natural assets to regulate cholesterol and fight against bad cholesterol.
DHA OMEGA 3 90 capsules

DHA OMEGA 3 90 capsules, composed of DHA, acts to prevent the formation of bad cholesterol, help to normal cardiovascular function, and combat mood disorders.

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DHA OMEGA 3 90 capsules : source of essential fatty acids for a healthy body!
Circulation - Light-feeling Legs

This concentrated solution provides you with a range of active principles 100% dedicated to the well-being and beauty of your legs.

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Traffic - Light Legs: concentrate ultimate comfort and beauty of your legs.
Optimal Dosage Red Vine 90 capsules

Optimal Dosage Red Vine helps to protect against the problems associated with poor blood circulation: venous insufficiency, varicose veins, cold extremities, feeling of heavy legs ...

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Red Vine Optimal Dosage: protector venous fight against the feeling of heavy legs.
Optimal Dosage Fenugreek 90 capsules

Optimal Dosage Fenugreek helps to regulate blood sugar and control cholesterol levels. It is particularly recommended for patients with metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes ...

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Fenugreek Optimal Dosage: test your blood sugar!