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Joint health

Articulations 60 gélules

Articulations 60 gélules is for people suffering from joint pain. Its formula includes a large number of active principles for maximum effectiveness.

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Optimal Determination joints: a complex of plants and minerals to help fight joint pain.
Bamboo Silicium

This dietary supplement helps maintain the strength of joints and cartilage. It also serve to re-mineralize fractured or fragile bones.

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Bamboo Silicon 90 capsules : to maintain the strength of joints and cartilage.
Optimal Dosage Harpagophytum 90 capsules

Optimal Dosage Harpagophytum helps to reduce discomfort in the lumbar region and joints.

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Harpagophytum Optimal Dosage: The reference in the fight against joint pain.
Optimal Dosage Blackcurrent Leaf

Nutritional supplement based on the extracts of blackcurrent leaves, ideal for people whishing to improve their comfort and joint mobility.

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Cassis Leaf Optimal Dosage: ensures joint comfort and detoxification of the body.