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Sleep and stress

Melatonine tablets

Melatonin 60 tablets is a dietary supplement for people wishing to reduce the effects of jet lag and reduced sleep latency.

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Mélatonine 60 comprimés
Optimal Dosage Griffonia 5HTP

This product, made from an extract of Griffonia very rich in 5-HTP, is for people subject to stress, difficulty sleeping. One capsule of Optimal Dosage 5HTP contains 350 mg of Griffonia extract with 30% 5-HTP!

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5HTP Optimal Determination: a concentrations of 5-HTP Griffonia extract, a plant anti-stress, a well-being in situations of stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, depression ...
Magnesium Marino 90 capsules

Magnesium marino 90 capsules is a food supplement for preventing tiredness.

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Magnesium Marino 90 capsules : to combat tiredness and nervous exhaustion
Serenity Sleep 60 capsules

The capsules of this dietary supplement with anti-stress and sleep shares are specially formulated to bring you serenity at bedtime, facilitating sleep and daytime fatigue limit.

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Serenity Sleep 60 capsules