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Burning and Drainig - Avriline Range

Avriline Silhouette

Avriline Silhouette, a slimming and draining agent par excellence, acts to reduce water retention and cleanse your body, thus enhancing your figure. Its carefully researched formula also has a positive effect on cellulite.

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Avriline Constitution: the acting cons draining water retention and cellulite to refine the silhouette.
Avriline Silhouette capsules

Triple action slimming concentrate: its active principles ensure effective drainage, reduce rebel areas and trim your figure.

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Avriline Silhouette capsules: the draining targeting cellulite and provides cleansing tissue.
Avriline Chromium

Avriline Chromium works to eliminate local excess fat and cellulite by using a micro-herbal therapy principle based on the combined action of 15 different plant extracts, reinforced by chrome, to obtain the desired fat burner effect.

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Avriline Chrome: the "fat burner" for weight loss effective.
Avriline Chromium capsules

Slimming product with chrome and long-term action. Avriline Chromium hard capsules helps to reduce cravings and the unhappy side-effects that come from nibbling.

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Avriline Chromium capsules: the slimming product that works.