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Slimming supplements

Silhouette 60 capsules

Silhouette 60 capsules, formulated with three vegetable extracts, improves the elimination functions, and helps to drain excess water in order to refine the silhouette.

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Silhouette 60 capsules
Garcinia cambogia Optimal dosage

Rich in hydroxycitric acid (60%), Garcinia cambogia Optimal Dosage is the ideal slimming aid for people wishing to control their weight.

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Garcinia cambogia Optimal dosage 90 capsules
Flat Tummy 60 capsules

Flat Tummy 60 capsules is a first-class slimming product. It reduces bloating and helps digestion, so that your tummy returns to its natural state quickly and effectively.

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Flat Belly 60 capsules : a selection of assets to quickly and effectively to a flat stomach!
Lipo-Reducer 60 capsules

Lipo-Reducer 60 capsules is an essential supplement in any slimming treatment. Its action works to reduce fat reserves, eliminate cellulite and trim down your figure.

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Lipo-reducer 60 capsules : for destocking and effectively burn fat and help eliminate cellulite.
Anti-Yoyo 60 capsules

This slimming product is intended for people who want to manage and stabilize their weight, in particular after following a diet.

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Anti-Yoyo 60 capsules : the slimming supplement essential to stabilize its weight after a diet.
Optimal Dosage Green Mate

Optimal Dosage Green Mate enables weight loss related to the elimination of toxins and the filtering of cellulite tissue, while respecting the body's intellectual and physical balance.

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Mate Green Optimal Dosage: ideal for weight loss and cellulite reduction without fatigue.
Chitosan 90 capsules

Chitosan 90 capsules is for people affected by weight issues and those who want to reduce their cholesterol.

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Chitosan 90 capsules : the chelation of fat that contributes to weight loss and lower cholesterol.
Slimming Formula 60 capsules

These slimming capsules will help you maintain your figure with three complementary active ingredients: Green Tea, Green Mate and Guarana

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Slimming Formula 60 capsules : a natural slimming food supplement.