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Formulation and development

In order to cook well, you need first-rate ingredients! Almost everyone knows this old French saying, but then again you have to apply it…

In formulating its products, Netlab Pharma does its best to select raw material from among the highest-grade and most reliable ingredients, thanks to continuous sourcing and rigorous requirements that go well beyond the simple framework of regulations.

The selection of active constituents to be incorporated in the formulas also goes well beyond what’s simply in fashion. It is based on the proven effectiveness of the constituents, combined with the notion of the “right doses” that should be brought into play to obtain optimum, long-lasting effects.

As a result, Netlab Pharma products present major advantages in terms of quality and safety ; ingredients of French origin are selected whenever possible, and the end products themselves are “made in France”. Their effectiveness stems from the quantities used: Netlab Pharma has chosen to use significant amounts of active constituents in the formulation of its products. However our prices, even if slightly higher than the average, still remain reasonable!

In this section, you’ll find a set of fact sheets about the active principles we use in our products…