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Latin name : Citrus grandis
Used part : The fruit and seeds
A remarkable fruit

The fruit contains an enzyme that facilitates the assimilation of proteins, attacks fat storage and helps clean arteries. It has a beneficial effect on overweight and localized cellulite. The seeds are rich in bioflavonoids and have remarkable anti-microbial action. These polyphenols act synergistically in a broad spectrum to promote elimination of micro-organisms without harmful effect on the intestinal flora.

Optimal Dosage Grapefruit Seed
Latin name : Harpagophytum procumbens
Used part : The secondary tuber
Painful joints

Mainly concentrated in the tuberous roots, the active ingredients of this plant are glycosides: harpagosides, harpagide and Op-coumaroylharpagide. These substances have anti-inflammatory and analgesics action, which makes of Harpagophytum a remedy of choice for joint problems, muscle pain and inflammation of the tendons. Various studies have demonstrated the complete absence of side effects at usual doses, and good gastric tolerance.

Harpagophytum Dosage Optimal