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Latin name : Malpighia glabra
Used part : The fruit
Concentrated natural Vitamin C

The Acerola berry is a red cherry from Latin America. This is one of the fruits that contains the most vitamin C in nature (100 times more vitamin C than oranges). It also contains vitamins A and B6, flavonoids, iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and fructose. It is mainly used in case of fatigue, due to its vitamin C and magnesium content. Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant, an anti-aging molecule, and it helps building a stronger immune system.

Optimal Dosage Acerola
Latin name : Vaccinium macrocarpon
Used part : The fruit
Prevents urinary tract infections

Cranberry has been the subject of numerous studies showing its effectiveness in the treatment of urinary infections with Escherichia coli (most common), as an alternative to antibiotics. The activity of Cranberry is due to its high content in type A proanthocyanidins, which contributes to reducing the adhesion of bacteria on urinary tract.

Cranberry Dosage Optimal