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Ingredient glossary

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Activated carbon
Adsorbent and detoxifying

Activated carbon is the bandage to intestine. It helps to inhibit the action of those bacteria that cause intestinal gas, reduces the bloating and discomfort they cause (Aerophagia, flatulence...), and are an ingredient of choice to keep a flat belly. It also helps detoxify the body and fight bad breath.

Optimal Dosage Active Plant Carbon
Latin name : Spirulina platensis
Used part : The whole algae
A vitalizing algae

Spirulina is a natural source of energy, very rich and balanced, with over 60 nutrients: 60% vegetable protein quality, all essential amino acids, 11 vitamins and 12 minerals, enzymes and antioxidants ... It brings together all the nutrients essential to maintaining energy and detoxifying the body.